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Ask “Why?”

Ask “Why?”

Do you work somewhere that blocks access to social computing applications in some way, or that hasn’t embraced the social computing movement? Have you ever challenged the Powers That Be as to why? No?

Well, suck it up my friend. Time to embrace your inner Cubicle Commando!

Here are some great questions you could be asking tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to challenge senior management with them. You might actually get a real answer and a little respect out of it.

  • Are we radically transparent? If not, why not?
  • Do we provide an RSS feed of all our publicly released material, or do we force people to come to us?
  • Have we considered Creative Commons licensing for all material we produce that isn’t commercially or personally sensitive (the Queensland Government are)?
  • Does the CEO or other senior management blog or communicate regularly with staff in a public forum? Can staff respond without fear of retribution or ridicule?
  • Is there an open, public channel between the business and our client base that equally accepts bouquets and brickbats? Is that channel responsive within 24 hours to every communication in an equally public way?

These questions and others like them are likely to get you some odd looks initially. But if you and a few of your colleagues start asking them regularly, maybe you can drive positive change in the businesses you work in.

Stephen Collins
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