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Talking social media in NZ

Talking social media in NZ

As part of my quick trip to New Zealand to speak to clients of Network PR, I appeared on the NZ version of Sunrise and the breakfast radio show, Radio Wammo, on KiwiFM.

Yes, the inevitable Twitter focus was there, but the hosts asked questions that were well-researched and business focussed. Given the current obsession with celebrities on Twitter, a fresh change!

Videos of the TV segment and the radio session below.

Stephen Collins
  • Daniel Oyston
    Posted at 09:05h, 24 April Reply

    Pretty cool Stephen. You did good.

    I gave your appearance a mention on the Marketing Today Podcast which I think will go up today.

    I think I said something along the lines of “it can’t all be bad if a bald bloke in a pink shirt can get his mug on tv”! 🙂

    I noticed they called you a SM expert (bet you hated that 🙂

  • Stephen Collins
    Posted at 09:14h, 24 April Reply

    It’s actually a white shirt with fine red stripes 😉

    Yeah, they called me an expert. I certainly won’t use the term for myself any time soon. But based on a few recent blog posts I’ve read from Mack Collier, Lisa Hoffman and this older piece from Kathy Sierra, I’m more comfortable with others using it.

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